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Suggestoins for safe and satisfactory storage:
                 Since we live in a humid region of the country, the non climate controlled  units will have a chance to have high humidity and condensation on concrete floors at times. Early spring through summer are the worst months for these conditions. In which case special care needs to be taken on how certain items are stored and the unit needs to be opened up and aired out as much as possible. Even in climate controlled environment there is a slight risk of high humidity conditions if air movement is restricted for a extended period of time. 

1.)     Keep all items off floor if possible to let air circulate underneath. Skids or pallets are good for this.

2.)     Place plastic underneath all cardboard boxes and place on skids or pallets.

3.)     Seal boxes with masking tape.

4.)     Solid wood, upholstered, particle board furniture, etc. needs special care when storing. Example: Spray furniture with a good polish, cover with drop cloths (that will breath), elevate furniture pieces off of floor with blocking.

5.)     Cover mattress or box springs with cloth or plastic mattress cover and store them up off floor. 

6.)     Leave doors open on defrosted refrigerators and freezers.

7.)     Documents, books and photos need to be stored in air tight plastic containers or plastic totes. 

8.)     The safety of your contents depends on the Quality of Lock used on door. (small shanks can be cut easily with bolt cutters)

               Please use good judgement when storing your items.