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Mack's Self-Storage Renting Information
The following items are in your agreement with Mack's Self-Storage as well as general information and we would like to call your attention to these items .

*The sheds are rented on a month by month basis. If you pay by the year the 12th month is free. 

*Rent is due the 1st day of the month. Only the first month of renting will the rent be prorated if applicable. We rent by the month only, so if you move out anytime after the 1st of the month you will still owe the entire month's rent. (the last month will not be prorated)

*Deposit Refund.  We have to be notified in writing by the 15th of the month that you are moving out, leave the storage shed empty  and clean. Remove your lock and call us. If we do not know by the 15th of the month that you will be vacating the shed that month we are turning down future customers.

*When you vacate your shed remove the lock and call the manager to let them know you are out. If you leave your lock on your shed you are liable for the rent as long as your lock remains on the shed whether it is empty of full. 

*Only one lock may be used on your storage shed. If we find two locks on your shed, we will cut one of the locks off if we have to lock you out. 

*All storage rent is due on the 1st of each month. If payment is not received at 13600 Orchard Hill Pl., New London, Mo. by the 5th of the month, there will be a $5.00 late fee added to your balance. 

*If your unit is locked out due to storage rent balance being 30 days past due, there will be an additional fee of $10.00 to remove said lock. This is in addition to the late fee and will not show up on the next months invoice since we bill on the 20th. All past due rent and other charges are payable by cash or money order only.

*If we find your shed with no with no lock on it at anytime. We will contact you to as to why. If the shed has been abandoned we have the right to dispose of your shed contents. Keep a lock on your shed at all times. Only remove the lock when you are finished renting. 

*If any of the information changes on your agreement you have 10 days to notify us of any changes in address, telephone number and alternate person contact information. This is the only way we have to stay in contact with you.

*There is no coverage for your items stored in these units except for what you have taken out on them. Such as homeowners insurance, renters insurance or personal property insurance. Mack's Self-Storage does not have any insurance on your items.