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Estimate St0rage Shed Size Needed
Storage needs varies amongest individuals and businesses, since each person or business has there own special needs.
One needs to look at the shed interior space to get an actual feel as to what they need. We at Mack's can also give you a good estimate as to which shed shed size will work best for your storage needs. 

As a reference the chart below may help estimate the space needed. 
The way one organizes and arranges their atricles makes a big difference on the space required.
Approximate size  &   SQ. FT.          Similar To                      Items stored                 
5x12 or 6x10                               60

10x12                                          120

10x15                                          150

10x18                                         180

10x24                                        240

Small trailer, walk in closet, pickup truck.

​16' moving truck, bedroom.

18' to 20' moving truck, small dining room, large bedroom.

24' moving truck, small living room, average dining room.

26' moving truck, one car garage. ​
Small furniture items, mattress & box springs, appliance, boxes. One small room of furniture. Climate Control(documents, antiques,etc.)

Furniture equal to three average rooms, boxes, patio furniture, appliances. /// or two offices  spaces and supplies.  Climate Control  (Documents, antiques,paino,etc.)
Small house or two bedroom apartment furniture. Appliances, boxes , etc. /// Building materials, small business storage. 

​Medium house or three bedroom apartment furniture. Appliances, patio furniture, boxes,etc.///Business storage or construction supplies & tools.

Average size home or large apartment furniture, appliances, patio furniture, boxes, etc.///Construction  equipment , tools , materials///Business inventory & supplies.