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Operations and Items not allowed in sheds:
1.)      No backing up to sheds and doors with vehicles or trailers. Pull parallel to sheds and doors with vehicles and trailers to load and unload. 

2.)     No sanding or spraying within shed or on premise.

3.)     No sleeping in shed.

4.)     No food items stored in shed that are Perishable, and not Factory sealed. 

5.)     No explosives or anything flammable.

6.)     No operating refrigerators, freezers, or any type of heater.

7.)     No stolen property.

8.)     No storage of anything that is alive & eating ( nor dead & smelly), or that leaks or makes loud noises.

9.)     No storage of items that will freeze, burst, or leak onto floor or into next shed. If item contains oil and leaks, the leak must be contained and not allowed to leak on floor. ( A fee will be accessed for clean up of floor stains caused by tenant or representative of tenant)

​10.)   No business will be conducted in or at the Unit or Facility. 
          ( Flee markets, Yard sales, Etc.).